Who We Are

Our reality

Ambiente & Paesaggio was born from a multidisciplinary professional reality that has as its center of convergence the idea of a harmonious relationship between man and nature.

It was formed in 2005 after many years of professional experience of each member of the group in their sector. It operates in the area of land conservation through planning, design of forest hydraulic arrangements, remediation and environmental impact assessment. It deals with the design of the natural environment of parks and gardens, of the anthropic environment understood both as the architecture of the building, inserted in its context, and as an urban space.

Respect for the environment is the guiding principle to which every design choice is subordinated but it is also the stimulus to use new and sophisticated technologies that promote energy saving and the use of renewable energy sources. Responsibility, determination and propensity for innovation allow you to add further value to the activity carried out in the various contexts in which the company deals.


Years of Experience


Our work

Working in a team is one of our strengths!

Our projects arise from the discussion between the various professionals and are able to analyze all the problems of a complex job: from structure calculation to safety in the work areas and from the assessment of environmental and landscape impact to communication.

This allows us to face new challenges with professionalism and competence, guaranteeing the customer a single interlocutor for the design and management of the works.

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