Redevelopment of the lakeside of Pallanza

The intervention concerned a significant part of the city of Verbania: the lakefront of Pallanza, which for over 150 years has been one of the city’s lounges, with an unparalleled view of the gulf and the Borromean islands. In the past decades the project area experienced many changes that led to a situation of urban disorder (presence of roadside parking, lack of connection to the built-up area), poor functionality (absence of outdoor areas for catering activities), mixed construction materials (use of different flooring including self-locking concrete for the materials lakeside promenade) and disorganized greenery (presence of numerous plant species placed in a disordered way, without a landscape design). The lakefront of Pallanza had, however, maintained some original features over the years: presence of the historic row of Magnolia grandiflora (year of first planting 1875), presence of part of the greenery of the garden once owned by the Metropol Hotel. The project responded to these objectives: connecting the historic center with the lake, refurbishing the area, rearranging the architectural and plant elements, adding modern elements in a context marked by historical presence. The connection between the streets of the historic center and the lake was made with the laying of a pavement in local stone as a connecting path, a new function was given to the area with the elimination of car parks and their relocation in a dedicated area, the existing vehicular traffic has been restricted by creating a pedestrian area also used as an outdoor area for catering activities. The pavement of the pedestrian areas was completely made of local stone, modern furnishing elements were introduced, while the green was treated respecting the relevant pre-existing structures (Magnolia grandiflora, Sophora japonica pendula, Ligustrum lucida), rearranging the views and volumes, favoring the transparency of the lake views and re-proposing elements of the past (row of Nerium oleander towards the lake).
Year: 2019
Client: Comune di Verbania
Project Name: Redevelopment lakeside of Pallanza
Location: Verbania Pallanza