Technical, hydrological and hydraulic studies for renewal of concession derivation for energy use

The renewal of water derivation permit for energy purposes of a hydroelectric plant in the Municipality of Susa, required the teoretical reconstruction of the hydrological regime of the river (Dora Riparia), as well as the determination of the flow rates duration curve, on the basis of which to calculate the turbineable flows, the efficiency of the plant and the expected average annual producibility. All the hydraulic works present (spillways, sluice gates, channels) connected with the derivation, measurement and return of the flow rates have been calculated and verified. It was also necessary to design interventions for the arrangement of the intake work and the supply channel, as well as the fish ramp (vertical slot type), sized for the migration of some target species belonging to the fish population of the watercourse. 
Year: 2019 Compan: Private Client Project Name: Technical, hydrological and hydraulic studies for the renewal of a derivation concession for energy use Location: Comune di Susa