Landslide consolidation in Località Grandi

In Località Grandi of the Municipality of Rubiana short and intense rainfall caused a landslide that developed in some private land. The trigger of the movement was the uncontrolled runoff of surface water coming from upstream which, having reached a change in the slope of the mountain side, infiltrates the ground and saturates it quickly and predisposes it to gravitational movement. The intervention consisted in the construction of a drainage network of surface water along the mountain slope and, in correspondence with the infiltration area, a draining trench that intercepts the sub-surface outflow and leads it to a nearby watercourse. The drainage trench was made of new generation drainage panels, 80 m long, while the drainage network along the slope consisted of metal channels with a semicircular section, a total of 450 m long.
Year: 2021
Client: Comune di Rubiana
Project Name: Sistemazione movimento franoso in Località Grandi
Location: Grandi – Comune di Rubiana