Asbestos-cement irrigation pipeline replacment

The intervention consists in the replacement of the irrigation water supply pipeline derived from the Torrente Messa in Località Condera of the Municipality of Rubiana, along the route of the municipal road. The old pipeline, on a length of about 650 m, consisted of asbestos-cement pipes, no longer complying with industry regulations, as they were potentially harmful to human and environmental health. Furthermore, the lack of adequate inspection facilities made it difficult to identify and promptly repair faults, resulting in overall inefficiency of the irrigation line. Treated and removed the pipeline according to the best specific techniques, it was replaced with a new PeAD pipe (diam 400 mm), provided with the necessary inspection wells to prevent or resolve any obstructions in a short time. The realization of the work was monitored by the Works Management and by the offices in charge of the ASL.
Year: 2017
Client: Comune di Rubiana
Project Name: Asbestos-cement irrigation pipeline replacment
Location: Condera – Comune di Rubiana