New hydroelectric plant onRio Gerardo (Italy)

The work is a project of a new hydroelectric plant on an Italian little river named rio Gerardo (TO-ITALY).

Girardi Energia S.r.l. Torino
Comune di Mattie (TO)
Project Manager:
Maurizio Morra di Cella
Fabrizio Breganni, Elisa Grosso Nicolin, Paolo Millemaci, Ivo Rabbogliatti
In progress

The project is about: water collection, pipe, power station, flow restitution, reordering irrigation in the area, hydrological, hydraulic, environmental and landscaping evaluation. The project has been subject to Environmental Impact Assessment (E.I.A.). Main characteristic:
• water collection with environmental low impact, flow rate usable 84 l/s;
• pipe mainly underground, length 2.300 m, diameter variable (250-315 mm), drop 570 m;
• power station with Pelton wheel;
• plant power 390 kW, expected production 2.0 GWh in medium flow rate;
• minimum vital flow released higher then that calculated for the river;
• very low environmental impact;
• environmental compensation provided in forest;
• cultural compensation provided with thematic path on water cycle and correct use of renewable resource;
• preservation of water users for traditional crops.

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