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The project, realized in 2004-2005, it is about a urban park, 30.000 sq m wide, plus an extra part, 17.000 sq m wide, with natural crop in front of a river. The whole area has become the urban park of Gravellona Toce (VB- Italy).

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Gravellona Toce (VB)
Project Manager:
Ivo Rabbogliatti

The park is along the Strona river’s bank, there is a cycling lane, a pedestrian lane with sinuous shape along all the park, an amphitheater, pergolas with climbing shrubs, stone tables. We were involved mainly in the garden designe. Plantation and green design are in front of the mall, in roundabout, and in the portion between the building and the river Strona. There are: linear tree plantations, portion with perennial ground cover and big flowerbeds. We used this kind of plants:
• Trees: oak (Quercus robur), Lombardy poplar (Populus nigra "italica") hornbeam (Carpinus betulus), ash (Fraxinus excelsior), poplar (Populus tremula), pioppo (Populus alba) field maple (Acer campestre) celtis (Celtis australis.
• Shrubs: Rhododendron simsi with red, violet, White, pink flowers; Buddleia davidii "Nanho blue" with blu flower; Spirea japonica, Hypericum calycinum, Camelia iaponica, Prunus lauroceraso "Otto luyken", Prunus padus.

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