Turning LeafKigdom of Bharain

The idea behind the development starts from an analysis of some of the needs of modern life which can be fulfilled exploiting the area located near the Bahrain Fort.

We started from the analysis of the needs of the investors (smart use of the area for a sustainable business) and the shared values that are the basis of the technical development of the work.

Sheik Ibrahim Al Khalifa bin Khalifa
Manama – Kingdom of Bharain
Project Manager:
Fabrizio Breganni
Fabrizio Breganni, Maurizio Morra di Cella, Urs Plank e Andrew Sharp
Feasibility study

The project is structured around 4 pillars:
• Health care: The health care concept is the theoretic base of  AH&WC since the centre will be an important element for the prevention policy against obesity and diabetes, and here there will be a medical, physical  and psychological assistance for the costumer with a  specific education and training structure (the Academy).
• Empathetic architecture: the use of an empathetic architectonic language allows creating a building that welcomes clients in a comfortable ambiance that prepares to the new way of life.
• Organic agriculture: it is the base of a new idea of food.  Healthy food for a healthy life: in the AH&WC food and cooking are an important part of the path to improve the quality of life.
• Body care: like the healthy food, the attention to one’s own body is a step for awareness and self-responsibility to prevent obesity and diabetes. In the AH&WC concept the care of the body, like the organic food, continue also with the use of special products in everyday life.

bahrein 01Source: Fabrizio Bregannibahrein 01Source: Fabrizio Bregannibahrein 01Source: Fabrizio Breganni