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The project involves the construction of eight new hydroelectric power plants from 1.7 MW in the Volta Region, the western part of the Republic of Ghana on the border with Togo.

Lighting and Construction Africa
Volta Region - Ghana
Project Manager:
Fabrizio Breganni
Fabrizio Breganni, Maurizio Morra di Cella, Urs Plank
in progress

The facilities will be located near the Afegame villages on Nuboi River, Alavanyo on Tsatsadu River, Hohoe and Likpe Kukurantumi the Dayi River, Menusu on Menu River and Ahamansu and Dodi Papase on the Wawa River; the project will impact a population of about 70,000 inhabitants.

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The study was aimed at defining for each site the hydrological characteristics of the water course, the type of equipment, the costs and the production potential expectations.

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At present the project is under evaluation by the regional authority.

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