Rock slope consolidation works

The rock wall to be consolidated is located along the municipal road that leads to Sant’Agata, a hamlet of the Municipality of Cannobio (VB). It is positioned just downstream from the town of Ronco. It is an approximately vertical wall measuring 800 square meters which over the last 5 years has periodically released lithic fragments ranging in size from decimetric to multi-decimetric on the street below. The intervention involved the cutting and cleaning of the vegetation, the scaling of unstable portions, the laying of mesh in adherence and of nails formed by steel bars 3 meters long, with a diameter of 24 mm. In the western portion of the wall where the presence of an open fracture highlighted the possibility of detachment of blocks larger than a cubic meter used Dywidag-type reinforced steel bars 3 meters long.
Year: 2021
Compan: Comune di Cannobio
Project Name: Rock slope consolidation works
LocationRonco – Comune di Cannobio